Crowd Levels Changed - Need help - FP day tomorrow!

My FP day is TOMORROW and I just got an email that the crowd levels doubled for my AK day. I can trade AK with Epcot but I already have reservations for Akershus and Belle is my 3-year old’s absolute favorite (in her yellow dress).

Should I swtich days and book FPs assuming Akershus will open up? Or go to AK on the more crowded day?

I wouldn’t rearrange your plans based on the crowd calendar. Stick with what you’ve got - I really don’t think lately it’s possible to visit AK without substantial crowds anyway and it’s not worth messing up your dining plans for, IMHO.


FWIW, I’d assume you can get Akershus for pretty much any time any day with the Res finder. I didn’t know it was a coveted adr?

I agree with not re-arranging everything based on CC. It’s a sure bet that if you do re-arrange, the CC will come back lower the week before your trip.

Just make solid touring plan and you’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

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AK has been a bit hard for them to predict because Disney has been messing with the wait times lately. I’d just keep things the way they are, make sure you have a good Touring Plan, and go with it.

I think it depends on your TP for AK. If you are starting early, I don’t think the CL is going to affect you very much. I wouldn’t mess with your reservation since it sounds like that one is more important. Maybe take a look at the reservation availability and have a ‘just in case’ plan if you were to change the days. If you have problems getting your AK FPs you could swap the days on the fly.

I wouldn’t put much confidence in the crowd level #s for AK right now. The reasons for the higher numbers are addressed in this blog post here:

From reading the blog post, their current method for predicting crowd levels at AK is getting messed up by Disney’s overstated wait times, which is something their predictions rely on heavily.

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Yesterday, I had the happy result of having the crowd levels at MK go down while the wait times went up- substantially. I called DSS and had them move some of my fastpasses, but I am starting to believe trying to plan around crowd levels at this point is somewhat futile.

The level of detail in a TP just doesn’t reflect real life right now with all the changes happening with how Disney is staffing. I’m just going to make sure I get there early, have about an hour to hour & a half without FP, then lay out Fps one after another and use the refresh trick. Any level of detail greater than this is bound to lead to disappointment.

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My CLs changed in Jan, then in Feb and now in Mar. It is what it is and it won’t get better. Just go with what you have and do your best to get FPs that will help your schedule.

If you haven’t done this yet: Go into your touring plan and note you in-line time. Then do evaluate and note the new in-line time. My CL went from 4-6 for AK but in reality correlated to 15 more minutes in line for the whole day.

I would leave as is to keep Akershus. We recently did AK on a crowd 10 day and if you have a good plan and stay away from FOP lines than you should be fine. We didn’t find the crowds that day to be too bad and felt MK at a 7 felt sooo much worse.

The most important thing you can do is to have a good TP for any day, any park you are going to. It is much more important than the CL for the day you are going. I wouldn’t change the parks based on the CL changing. The thing you have to remember is that they can change. My wife and I are going March 9 - 16, 2019. I had an email from sent to me yesterday with many changes, some went up, some down and some stayed the same. I won’t change based on this. I would make my plans and then go based on what you want to do. CL’s change. A good TP is, I believe 4 to 5 times more important. Stick with what you planned.