Crowd levels at 9am

We usually go Spring Break week, when the crowds are high, but the parks open at 8am (7am with EMH). We are used to arriving at opening and busting out a bunch of rides because it’s never crowded first thing in the morning.
This time we’re going mid July and the parks don’t open until 9am. Can I expect the same slow time at opening? Or will it be crowded from the start because of the later park opening?
Trying to decide if it is worth it to rearrange my week’s schedule to try to hit the EMH days!!

I’m not sure what the difference between early crowds on an 8 am opening day vs a 9 am opening day, but I would guess that the later opening day would be a little more crowded. Hitting up EMH days is always a good idea.

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We will also be there in July, and, fwiw, i wouldn’t be surprised if they move opening earlier, at least for MK and possibly AK. I’ve been in late June and had 8 am openings.

Hmmm… I didn’t realize that was a possibility! When would they change it if they did? Have you ever seen that happen? Fast pass booking day is coming soon!!

RD is RD; whether 8:00 or 9:00, the crowds will be the lowest right at opening. Especially during high CL days, I would absolutely try to line things up for AM EMH.

We went in June and arrived at the part about 9:30 each day. It was packed. Of course the earlier that you go, the less people…but…seemed like a lot of people at 9:30 when we went.

I’d expect a larger crowd. People have a better chance of getting breakfast and getting out by 9 than at 8.