Crowd levels are looking mighty fine for June ๐Ÿ˜

Crowd levels for mid June are looking sooooo nice right now. Latest TP email dropped level to a 4 or 5 for each of our park days! Thanks Galaxyโ€™s Edge :rofl: This is a nice gift for the downside of June heat and rain! Woot!


Yeah - overall they dropped for my July and Sept trips. I was a little surprised to see that Epcot on 9/30 DROPPED again. I figured with the final Illuminations that CL would spike. Time will tell!

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Crowd levels for my trip 3/7-3/14 2020 are looking terrible. :frowning:

Thank god for Touring Plans. My crowd levels bumped up by 1 across the board but my touring plans barely changed. Now I see what they mean by having a touring plan be 5x or so more important than what day of the week you go!

I donโ€™t even have to change my reservations, just one fastpass and rework Epcot. :slight_smile:

What time period are you?

June 19-22nd. Was mild and became less mild but entirely manageable, especially with FPsโ€™s put down.

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