Crowd Level on Haloween Party


I have plans to attend on haloween party at MK on this year september.

Last time i went to the event it was 06 years ago; and i remeber that was a good idea to visit MK the same day of the event (considering that the person would attend to the event), because the crowds were low on the events day.

I am wondering if something changed! Again, my plan is to go on rope drop and only leave the park on the event end (i think 00:00).

My doubt is: shoud i do this or go to MK one day and to the haloween other one? My doubt is only in terms of crowds, because i know i can handle staying all day at the park!

Thank you very much,


I have not been to the MNSHP but seen the results of how many people attended. I don’t know where people get this that there will be less people and shorter lines. We went to MVMCP and the place was packed. Rides took forever and noting but pushing and shoving to get a place close to the castle for the party per say. We went Nov. 2016 and personally I would never do it again. If you don’t mind shelling out $80 per person for the extra time and the hopes that the park is less crowded, good luck with that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I was there in October and went to 3 Halloween parties with friends. We went to MK all 3 of those days as well, pretty much from rope drop until the end. The crowds were not bad at all- the crowd calendar tells me those days rated as a 6, 4, and a 3. So yes, low crowds are still a thing on party days. As for the parties themselves, we loved them and thought they were a great use of money. The party we went to on Friday, October 18th was so empty, you could find a place to watch the special fireworks about 10 minutes before and have a fantastic view. We found our front row parade spot about 5 minutes before as well. It was worth every penny! MK tends to be very busy on non-party days as everyone wants to come and stay late, instead of the days where they have to leave at 7pm if they don’t have party tickets. The only reason I would go to MK a different day than your party day, is if you have a huge desire to see the regular fireworks, Happily Ever After. Enjoy!