Crowd Level MK - May 4th Level 10?

We arrive on May 4th and I notice that the crowd level on this day at MK jumped to Level 10 RED. I can’t see any events happening that would have caused this jump. I would think that maybe HS would have a large crowd for “may the 4th be with you” followers but wondering what the deal is with such a huge expected crowd at MK. Any info appreciated!

MK closes early on the 5th so crowds will be heavier on the surrounding days.


I see extended evening hours on May 4th.

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There is a CM event on May 3rd, so the park closes early that day. In the past when this happened, the days before and after the CM event were a CL 10, and the day of the event was a CL 1. The presumption here is that those without Park Hoppers will end up choosing to go to a different park rather than MK because otherwise they miss out on the hours. The irony is, this creates a park with much lower crowds and makes waits extremely low.

Unfortunately, it means May 4th will be one of those CL 10 days.

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When Cast Member Appreciation events were scheduled a while back (and cancelled due to weather) the days before/after those early closures were crazy.

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Have they typically stopped park hopping to MK on those days?

They have only limited park hopping, for a few hours, on Oct. 1st.

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Thanks for the info all. We arrive at the happiest place on earth mid-day on the 4th and hopefully will have some Genie help so we can enjoy ourselves for a few hours while we wait for our resort room to be ready. :slight_smile: Not too worried about it but just couldn’t find any event happening that would cause the big spike. Guess I didn’t know what to search for!