Crowd Level MK - 4 on August 16 but already "sold out" on park availability


MK is a low 4 on August 16 but is already “sold out” according to park availability. August 12th is a Tuesday and they are hosting MNSSHP.

At this time, MK on August 16th is the only “sold out” date/park in August.

Any idea what is going on here ?

Interesting. It makes me wonder if Disney is limited ADRs on that day more than usual to account for the early arrivals of the MNSSHP guests. That could explain a lower crowd level as well.

August 12th is a Friday and it is wide open. I think you might want to check again.


Ha! Good eye. I didn’t even think to double check the date.

July 12th was a Tuesday, so it would make sense for that date not to be available! :slight_smile:

I meant August 16th… thanks, I made the correction.

alright, in that case I wouldn’t take the CL too seriously.

The old days of a low CL day actually meaning something are long gone. It isn’t uncommon for the CL prediction to be off by 2 or more levels on a regular basis.

CL levels are used best to pinpoint a “good week” over another. They are relative measures. CL are notoriously bad for single day-single park outcomes.

If it’s sold out, then it’s sold out but don’t expect TP to update the CL. In summary, if your vacation is already booked then don’t even look at the CL anymore.

For reference, I’ve been to CL1 and still faced elbow to elbow crowds.

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