Crowd level, first week of August vs first week of September

I am going to WDW first week of September starting September 3rd and I am staying for 8 days. I am starting to rethink, taking my child out of school, he will be in first grade. Are crowd levels pretty bad in August? or end of July. how much of a difference would I be expecting? We went to WDW in September 2021, and the crowds were low but the school sent me a letter that my kindergartener missed too many days. So now I am rethinking my dates for 2022. any recommendations?

As an educator, first grade is a critical time to learn to read. I personally wouldn’t take my kids out for a week but others will disagree. I’d go in August or before school starts. If you’ve already gotten a truancy letter, I wouldn’t miss school.


It is a total bummer to pivot from a house with no kids or preschool to our condo to a a vacation perspective. Those off season rates and less crowded times become a nostalgic memory. The good old days for sure.

Having said this, I’ve ONLY ever been to WDW and DLR at peak times due to kiddo schooling, and we’ve had the best and most amazing time. Fall break, Thanksgiving week, even New Years weekend. With a plan and advance reservations, it’s great.

Now if you are a go with the flow/make a game time decision traveler, then the calculus might differ.

I have a 7th snd 1st grader now. FEIW I would be hesitant to pull them out of school if there were flexibility in alt dates for my travel commitments (ie. Can we go another time?)

Let us know which way you pivoted

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There is definitely a crowd level difference in those dates but I would rather go in August so that your kiddo doesn’t miss school.


First week of September after labor day is one of the lowest crowd levels of the entire year. So from that perspective, it is a great time to go!

I would be concerned about the school but if it was your child’s first week of school. But if it isn’t, I would be less concerned. Talk to the teacher and ask them what you might have your child do during the vacation to not fall behind if need be. As the parents, though, you are primarily responsible for your child’s education and should have some sense as to how they would be impacted.

When I was growing up, I was part of a school program called 45/15. 45 days of school, 15 off, year round. Trouble was, my time off rarely lined up with my older siblings time off, so I was the one taken out of school for two weeks during the school year for family vacations so the others didn’t have to. My academic experience was not hindered in the slightest.

The one bit that was awkward was simply the part when I came back and there was something the kids learned that I had to catch up on…but, in my case, it was not the slightest problem…just awkward.

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thanks for your advice. I think i may change my dates. i will talk to the school today about it.

Yep it’s more crowded the beginning of August-that’s why we see discounts usually starting in September.

We have been in late summer with the family, and have had a wonderful time though. Just beware of the heat, which is happening in September as well, so really no difference there.

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I’ve traveled mostly the first week in September. The low crowds can spoil you. This year I am going for spring break. I expect to have a good time, but it will be more expensive, and longer waits in line.

I would take my child out. Its first grade, not med school.

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i spoke to the principal and he said not to change my plans for september 2022. I can get his work ahead of time. So its been decided that we are still on for September 2022. Yay!!! i love low crowds.