Crowd Level Changes & MNSSHP

My trip is in mid-October and we weren’t planning on attending MNSSHP so we were looking to visit MK on a day without it, so as to have longer in the park (we’re doing a split stay, so only 3 WDW park days).

The day we planned on going, the CL was 6, and today it has gone to a 9 with the only other non-party day on our trip at a 10. Those days the park is only open until 9, ending in HEA.

Would it be better to go on a MNSSHP day, when the crowds are at at 4, but the park closes at 6? Or battle through a CL9?

We’ll be using TPs but my family is wary of the trip feeling “militarized” and “not like vacation” lol I’m trying to convince them these are good things! If we go on a party day, we would try to watch HEA on a different evening from the Polynesian (I think this is the resort the book said you could see it from?)

Thoughts on how we can get the most out of our MK day?

Do you want to see HEA? First, most likely the hours will be extended for all nonparty nights. MK is very crowded on nonparty nights. A good plan can make it manageable, but walking through the crowds will add time and can be very frustrating.

My family was that way too, but then saw how it saved us from waiting it long lines and milling around trying to decide what to do next. What you could do is build in spontaneous time into your plan (2-3 hours per day) or plan the mornings and evenings and let them call the shots in between. If you do that, have your “back up” plan Incase they see the light!

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That’s a good question! I know it’s not super important to me, but it might be for others on the trip…I’m not sure the crowds really are worth it in the end, though we do have parkhoppers and could try to make it in only for the fireworks. Good to know they will most likely extend their hours though!


we are in the same boat. My family has the single day tickets- some of us have park hopper, but others do not. We are just going to suffer through a crowded day. It went from a 7 to a 9… We are going when there are EMH so at least my kiddos who sleep late can stay until very late too. (“kiddos” are 16-22 y.o.)

To me since everyone can just go one park one day, it’s important to see the fireworks all together as a group. So that’s what we’re doing…

But OUCH… AK jumped to 10s the whole time my family is there, also. So we will be battling massive crowds all mid-October? Really? I guess Columbus Day is a HUUUUUGE celebration lol.

It’s choosing the lesser of two evils. You’ll probably get more done on a shorter CL4 day than a longer CL9 or 10 day. Get there very early for RD and pack as much as you possibly can in before lunch. Save your FPPs for the afternoon. But be prepared - if they still let party guests in at 4:00, the last few hours will be very crowded, especially on MS. However, if FEA is important to you, realize that although you can see he fireworks portion from outside the park, you will not be able to see any of the castle projections - which are a major element of the show. Also note that on party nights, they don’t show FEA - they go back to the “old” Hallowishes" (which is actually better for out of park viewing).