Crowd Level Accuracy-How Far Out?

How far out are the CLs approaching any kind of accuracy?

I booked a room for October 29 to November 8, 2022. But, in looking at the crowd calendar, I see several of the days towards the end of the trip with an (unexpected) bump up in CL. I was thinking of modifying the reservation to maybe October 25 and leaving November 4th.

With the current state of things and being this far out, should I leave things the way that they are?

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Honestly the CLs are meaningless this year. I wouldn’t change anything based on them.


That was pretty much what I was thinking.

I am hoping that with the dates that I have, we will see both Halloween and Christmas decorations.

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Expected CL bump may be because 1/2 Marathon weekend is November 4-6.


Ah, ha. That may be a reason to tweak my dates. Thank you, I missed that info.

Also, Jersey week has a lot of NJ schools closed Nov 7-11, for the convention Nov 10-11.

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Yep, probably changing dates.

Check all events and park opening times, I think right now those are more important than CL’s, unless it’s about when to schedule the entire trip.

Yes, somehow my eyes spotted Food an Wine, which I knew, but skipped right over Wine and Dine 1/2 marathon. I didn’t see Jersey Week. I was watching out for Veterans Day. With the change in dates, I will have moe Halloween party dates to take into account.

Nothing is certain anymore, but a race during your trip is definitely something to keep in mind! But also MNSSHP is a factor, so don’t think you’ll completely escape crowds either way.


I moved the trip up 4 days to avoid the race weekend. I need to read more carefully since TP had it on the Crowd Calendar and I completely overlooked it.

Changed dates, changed resorts. Now I need to do park reservations.


I didn’t know about the marathon either but that is a much better reason to change dates than CLs.

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I have a related question - we have a trip in a month, and it’s still showing Epcot with a crowd level of 9 for Tuesday, June 7th, and the rest of the week, it’s no higher than 6. I thought it might be an aberration, but it hasn’t changed at all. Is there a reason the crowds would be so much higher for that day? My brother and his family only have one day to visit Epcot - should we think about moving it? Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

I think everything in the above discussion applies here as well. If there are no special events, opening times etc. - and especially if none of the days are fully booked for park passes - it’s likely there won’t be a huge difference in CL and it could sway in any direction. Do the schedule that works best for you and takes into account events and opening times for each day.


I have been looking at the CL predictions for my trip in 2 weeks(5-19 to 5-26) and they have not changed at all in the last 4 months. Has anyone been notified recently on their scheduled trips of any changes? 5-27 is the Guardians opening and EP has been listed as a CL4 for at least 4 months, I can’t imagine opening day remaining the same CL 4? Am I missing something?

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I haven’t seen a crowd calendar update in a couple of months (hours yes, CL no). Maybe the data is not robust enough currently for a worthwhile update or maybe I’ve just missed announcement of an update???


OH NO! Are we going to WDW during Jersey week??? :woman_facepalming:

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That’s correct. The last Crowd Calendar update was February 20. 6 updates a year used to be the norm. Not sure what’s going on…

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Probably too much volatility.

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Or they’re pretty confident in their current summer predictions, so not worth changing.