Crowd Level 6

We’ll be in the parks February 8-14, 2018. Ideally I wanted to go when the crowds were a bit lower but couldn’t make it work with our schedule. Crowd calendar is predicting crowd level 6 for most of these days. Opinions on how bad the wait times are in this scenario? Anyone have experience with going around this time of year?

If you go into your dates in the Crowd Calendar you can view expected wait times throughout the day for attractions at each of the parks.

Hi @Runningr-

Here’s where we explain the wait times associated with each crowd level at the Magic Kingdom. Let me know if anything there isn’t clear. You’ll find links to the other parks there too.

Hey @len - noticed a typo in one of the entries. I think that Splash Mountain CL10 shouldn’t be 30-135 min. Perhaps 60-135 min?

Ah, thanks. I’ve asked Fred to confirm all of the data.

I think that Splash Mountain might be an oddity, in that far, far fewer people will ride when it’s below about 65 degrees because nobody wants to walk around wet when it’s chilly or downright cold. That means that even on CL 10 days from December through about mid-January maybe it really could have a 30 minute wait.

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Yes, but given that CL 9 is 55-95 min it is unlikely that 30 min is correct

That’s a good point. It’s got me thinking now, however, about how much the frequency of CL 9-10s at the coldest times of the year affects that particular calculation.

CL6 will be busy, but doable if you have a good plan. We RD and do our must dos in the morning and our FPs in the afternoon, when it’s busiest. Then home for the evening. If you’re planning to stay for the evening, perhaps someone else has a good strategy for you.

I think @Nikkipoooo is dead on about temperatures greatly affecting Splash Mountain waits, and Kali as well. If cold, both are nearly walk-ons no matter what the crowd levels, but if warm on a busy day the waits will shoot up which accounts for the giant range in times. Touring Plans can’t accurately predict the weather in February so those times will vary quite a bit depending…