Crowd level 10 -do I dare leave the park?

I am going to WDW in December for the holidays and staying onsite. Manydays have a predicted crowd level of 10. My first instinct is to do RD, leave around noon for a break, and return around 4. However, I’m concerned the park(s) will close and I won’t be able to get back in. What do you experienced liners suggest?

You should be OK, since you are staying onsite. It’s been 7 years since they hit the highest closure level (of four) where even that wasn’t good enough.

Agree. If you’re on-site, it probably won’t be a problem. The only day I might be concerned about is the 25th - typically one of 2 of the most crowded days at MK. But even then, as an onside guest, it shouldn’t be a problem.