Crowd Indicator of 8-10

Would you go to WDW over Memorial Day weekend when calendar calls for crowds of 8-10?

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if it were a matter of going or not? Absolutely. We went over the 4th of July last year and had a blast even though it was hot as balls, the parks were packed butts to nuts and we were wet the entire trip.


I probably wouldn’t like it as much as going during a less busy time, but if you have few other options that are less busy and/or better weather, I think a well planned vacation at a busy time beats not going at all. I think if you temper your expectations on crowds and how much you can do, follow your Touring Plan well and use FP+ you can still get a lot done and have a great vacation.

You have quite a way with words!!!

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I’ve been known to be able to turn a phrase.



I am rolling over hear reading @pmoriart’s lovely explanation of the crowds. My students are looking at me like I have three heads because I’m laughing so hard.

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I’ll be there over Memorial weekend as well, and it’s my 4th trip to Disney during the same week. We avoid the most crowded parks and follow the plan without any “butt to nut” :joy: feeling. (That looked different in print than it sounded in my head, but you get the point.) We’re putting off AK until Thursday with Pandora opening on Saturday, but other than that I hope our experience is similar to previous years.

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Just to clarify the only time we were butts to nuts was during the fireworks shows around the 4th. The parks were crazy packed.