Crowd estimates in early December

I will be in Disney World the first week of December. I see that for that week there are 2s, 3s and 5s on the weekend. I was looking to change my hotel for the 3rd - 6th but except for a couple of expensive rooms at GF, ALK and WL everything is sold out. How can there be 2s & 3s at a time when the resort is sold out?

Many park guests do not stay at WDW resorts. WDW offers discounts and incentives to keep their resorts near capacity even during lower park attendance times.

I have the same dilemma for this coming weekend. The CM I spoke with said during my weekend there are many sports teams and Girl Scouts in the rooms as well as several conventions going on. Probably lots of booked rooms for large groups in the resorts. That doesn’t necessarily mean the parks will be super crowded. You may still experience 2s and 3s. During Pop Warner week in December the parks were great but the value resorts were zoos!