Crowd/capacity question

So we are going to in WDW for Thanksgiving week. On a few days the crowds are listed at 9 or 10 at MK. My question is this: I have heard Len say that they are limiting capacity at MK to about 60%. So would crowds at a level 10 this thanksgiving be the same as a level 10 crowd during a pre-pandemic thanksgiving also at a level 10?

Not sure I worded that well. Hope I made some sense.

Once you hit a CL 10, there can be a wide difference in what that actually looks like. But what the CLs actually mean has NOT changed since they have reduced capacity. So a 9 pre COVID is still a 9 now. CLs are not based on number of people in the parks, but based on average wait times on key rides.


Thanks ryan. My brain has a hard time comprehending that if they keep the parks at 60% capacity by Tgiving that the wait times will still be the same as pre covid tgiving days. But your answer does clear up where they get the CL ratings, which I didn’t totally understand. So thank you!

TP’s use of the term “crowd level” (or CL) is kind of a misnomer. They aren’t measuring crowds, but wait times. As a result, it can be confusing.

Having said that, there is a strong correlation between the wait times and crowd levels, so in MOST practical situations, it comes to the same end. But, reduced staffing can actually cause inflated CLs as well, because the wait times will go up when fewer employees are operating a ride. Similarly, if there is less to do (fewer shows, or eateries open, etc), then even with lower numbers of people in the parks, the are all going to the same reduced number of rides, which drives up wait times.

When park capacity is limited, it MIGHT reduce CLs…but during COVID, not only has park capacity been limited, but there has been a lot less open for folks to do, so the impact on CLs is a bit wonky.


Yeah, I guess “Wait time indicator” might have been a better term, but you explained it well. Thanks again!