Crowd calender search

Is there a way to search a group of dates , parks you want to visit and number of days so the app will find you the best days to book on during the time period selected. Living 90 minutes from WDW, can I reduced the crowd calender to show only days that have a crowd level of say 4 or lower? Also picking the park and maximum crowd level for the next 3 months what are my best options?

The crowd calendar has no sort or filter functions that I know of.

I couldn’t find one either. It’s a shame as it would make planning easier. Thanks!

There are other sites like Kenny the Pirate and Josh at easywdw that do a year calender that’s shows you the expected CL overall. This might help you choose when to go.

Thanks, I have never looked at those sites. I live 90 minutes from WDW and I’m retired. Since I can go pretty much whenever I want as a Florida pass holder, I can pick the crowd level Iwant. That’s why I would like to set a crowd level of say 4 or less, and see only those days. Do you know if those two sites will let me do that? These kinds of software tools would make their sites much more user friendly and would not cost much to develop. Thanks again.

Often, the TP crowd calendar conflicts with the other sites. I have always gone by the TP CC, and found it reasonably reliable.

Thanks for the info!