Crowd Calender - lowest on weekends?

We’re going to be on So Ca from June 11th-28th. Disneyland is our first priority re planning. I was going to go the first week of our trip, but there are several grad nights, so that pushed me to the second week. Using the crowd calendar, it looks like the best days for us are Sat and Sun, June 18th and 19th…which seems really odd since pretty much EVERYONE says that weekends in the summer are horrible…

Berfore I book our hotel reservations, can anyone please give me their “summer/weekend” experience and/or let me know why the Crowd Calendar (CC) shows lower crowds on the weekends than during the week? BTW, we’re planning on going for 3 days.

Here are the numbers from the CC for Disneyland Resort/Calif Adventure for our possible dates:

Sat June 18 6/3 (good day to go to Calif Adventure?)
Sun June 19 5/5
Mon June 20 7/5
Tues June 21 7/5
Wed June 22 5/7 (Bad day for CA Adventure…but why?)
Thurs June 23 6/5
Fri drive home

Based on this, I should go Sat/Sun/Mon…but I’m afraid! Thanks, Jerolyn

Hi. The main reason Saturday has the lowest crowds of the week, is because most of the annual passes are blocked that day. Everyone in So Cal seems to have a pass, and when all levels but the highest are blocked, it makes for the lowest crowds of the week. Sunday passes are not blocked though, so expect bigger crowds. Also beware that the crowd calendars have been off since the 60th celebration started this time last year, usually by 2-3 numbers. So add 3 to each number to get a more likely estimate.
When picking dates it is also helpful to know which park has EMH each morning. Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun it is at DCA, and Tues-Thurs-Sat it is at DL. Will you be staying onsite or offsite, and will you have a Magic morning to use at DL if offsite with your 3 day ticket?

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