Crowd Calendar- worth trusting?

I’m visiting WDW in November. Trying to finalize my plans before I do ADRs in a couple weeks.

Right now I see MK CL at a 5 on the day i’m visiting, but the following day is a 3. Is it worth the switch?
The reason I am tempted to keep it as is, is because I like spreading out my MK days rather than being next to each other.

Do I TRUST them - yes. Are they 100% accurate NO.
I use it as one more piece of information in my planning.
Things change etc etc
I usually don’t take a change into consideration if it is 5 or below. So a 3 to a 6 - yeah I would consider changing. 3 to 5 - might sway me a bit but if you want to space it out - would probably not let this change my mind.

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I am going in Nov as well. I chose to wait until Disney releases the hours that the park will be open. The crowd level now is from a historic standpoint but may get updated the closer we get to the departure. I will look again once we are 190 days out and start from there. I would recommend the same.

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I am a Weekday Select Passholder and I go to WDW two to three times a month. Last year TP was quite reliable. This year Disney has been doing a lot of things to shake things up, and TP has only been accurate enough to tell me which day of the week is less or more crowded and which park is less or more crowded. I have yet to find a day when the parks haven’t been two or more levels above the prediction.

However, I will say they have definitely been more accurate than any of the other prediction bloggers out there.

Use them for a guideline this year. Make a plan. Get your Fast Passes and stick to your plan. Be willing to go on less popular rides. Plan a break in the middle of the day when it’s most hot and crowded.

Next year, I think they will have their groove back.

I would not change your plans based on a CL number. I had days that were supposed to be a 4 and then it ended up being an 8… That was last Nov. I think its helpful to plan but I would never change my already made plans because of a change in CL. Good luck!

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I would also say that maybe some of it is subjective based on experience? If it’s your first time, a “5” to a park veteran might feel like a “10” to a first timer! That’s what happened to us last year at our first Disneyland trip ever. Overall though, we felt like the touring plan was accurate regarding wait times, etc., it’s just hard to wrap your mind around the crowds if you aren’t used to it.

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Thanks for the replies and tips! I will keep my plan as is for now. It’s not my first time to WDW, but it is my first time with kids, so I’m hoping for the best!

Only tip with kids (assuming they are small) - is be FLEXIBILE with the planning. Yes do it etc - but don’t go crazy. If they want to sit and watch the duckies - let them. I had to fight the urge when our kids were small. Everyone will be happier in the end.

I agree!