Crowd Calendar vs Extra Magic Hour (morning)

When is a better time to go a park… one that has a crowd calendar of a 5 but no extra magic hour… or go to that Park on a different day when there is an extra magic hour but the crowd calendar says it will be a 10. This assumes getting there at rope drop in either case. The park in question is Animal Kingdom if that makes a difference.

The correct plan if it’s available to you is to do the EMH and then hop, but if I had to pick one or the other, I’d definitely pick the CL5 no EMH. Even if you RD the EMH, you’re only going to get a handful of rides in before the mad rush which will make walking and eating a nightmare, let alone riding for the entire day. You should able to get more done with less headache on a CL5, even without the EMH.

I would avoid all parks with a CL10 if possible even with EMH. RD on a CL5 and you can get a lot done in the first two hours, especially if you get FPP for FOP and can do that later. We did NRJ, Dinosaur, EEx2, KS, and FOTLK at 10 with a regular 8 am opening on a CL5 day in May.