Crowd Calendar vs EMH?

I’m looking at which days to plan what for my trip in late July, and there’s some days on the crowd calendar that don’t seem like they should be right. Basically, it tells me that the lowest crowd levels for HS during my time at WDW will be on a day that the park has early morning hours. Does this seem right? Everything else always says to avoid those parks those days, as they will be busiest.

I’m looking specifically at July 31.

Would you assume the crowd calendar is correct in this case, or would you avoid that park that day? On our HS day, I’m planning on spending afternoon/evening there so we can see Fantasmic and the Star Wars fireworks or whatever it was they’re planning, so I wouldn’t be taking advantage of the EMH anyway.


I have actually found that some people avoid the EMH because they think that they would be busier :slight_smile: I actually enjoy doing EMH and if the park is too crowded then we leave and go to another park. Don’t know if you have Park Hoppers.

Thanks. Interesting thought on the crowds avoiding it. Hmmm. No, no park hoppers, and it’s the next to the last day of our trip, so where we go is where we’ll stay. :smile:

Yes, I normally try to do some morning hours on our trip :slight_smile: It gives us the bonus hours and crowds are sometimes a little less. You can always check closer to the date and see if it changes. Just remember they have all the construction at HS so that may be why attendance is so low also.

The idea behind CLs and EMH is that the park in question will be busier on an EMH day than it would have been if there was not EMH - the other non-EMH days that you are comparing it to may be busier for other reasons that are taken into account when predicting CLs that happen to not be affecting the EMH day.

As long as you are going to be taking advantage of the EMH, I would say go for it - you have hit an unusual bonus of an EMH day that is also the lowest day during your stay!

I actually didn’t want to do the EMH that day since the day before will be a late night for us, but it’s still predicted to be the least busy day during my time there. Ah well. Guess I’ll just go for it and see what happens. Thanks!

I think that EMH days changed from last year to this year. My observations lead me to believe that Touring Plans might still be using the previous year’s EMH days to predict crowd levels this year (at least when you are many months out from your trip). When planning our trip, it sometimes seemed to me like the day of the week projected to be busiest at a park is the day that had EMH last year (instead of this year). It does seem like the predictions would get updated when the actual trip got closer. Sometimes I check other crowd calendars as a reference. Maybe consider doing the same, since the information seemed a little unexpected to you.

Hmmm… Interesting. I would hope it doesn’t change too much, as ADRs would need to change if I change parks. I actually was looking at another page’s calendar when this caught my attention, then went digging. I wasn’t sure which one to trust more. Since this one is more detailed (numbers, instead of just advised parks), i was going by it. Ah well. It’s only one day of a trip, so if my crowd levels are off, oh well. We’ll live. :smile:

As always, if you see a particular park/day where the CL prediction doesn’t make sense, you can e-mail for an explanation.

Thanks, I didn’t realize I could do that. :slight_smile: I"ll do that.