Crowd Calendar Updates? (Best night for ROL?)

Wondering when people think we might see crowd calendar updates around the opening of ROL. Have noticed a few things:

  1. WDW has extended hours somewhat for our visit (April 19-23) although crowds are predicted by TP to be just moderate (4-7)… maybe will be busier than we expect?
  2. ROL opening night has almost no dining availability left (April 22) but still a fair bit for April 23.

So peeps:

  1. Is it going to be busier than I think?
  2. Will I hit lower crowds if we got to AK and ROL on Saturday the 23rd rather than opening night Friday the 22nd? (Currently 22 has CL 5 and 23 has CL 7).

Interested in this too

Honest answer - I don’t really think there is any way to predict anything about RoL until Disney releases more solid info. And even then it will be more guesswork than science for the first few months. But it makes sense that an opening day/night for ANYTHING is going to be extremely popular/busy. But I personally think RoL will be packed all summer.