Crowd Calendar Update

Hey everyone. Just saw one of my days at DHS went from a 5 to a 9 Crowd Level. Oh well, already have dining reservations and fast passes. For anyone who has done a CL9 park day before, how bad is it?

Anyone else have any major changes with the latest update?


I was very lucky! Most of my January 2020 CL’s went down a bit.

My days were mixed, but mostly up one point.

Varies greatly by whether it is a 9 due to crowds or due to other factors (CL is calibrated to wait times, not to crowds per se). Unless you are there on a major holiday, it should be manageable. Touring plans, FPP, and ADRs get more important.

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We’ve done 9s, never any issue with a touring plan.

My days are really mixed - on most days one park increased, one decreased. But I don’t take them into account anyway.

I had some changes both up and down. Re evaluated and no diff…but I don’t go until end of October so I’m sure it will change


Our November trip had a few variations, but nothing major. My only problem is that I’ve received at least four of the same email today to update me about the changes.

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Mine all went down. I have an Epcot day sitting at a 1 now :flushed:

I need to read the attached article.


I just re-checked and all the changes appear to have affected the parks that I wasn’t planning to attend. Which is good since a lot of them went up. But there will probably be a trickle affect if the crowd level resort wide really is going up.

@len I think someone asked before but why is it that we get multiple of the same email whenever there is an update? No lie, this morning I received my 5th email and they are all the same! Thoughts?


My Sept 6-12 changed very little, Epcot and AK went from a 1 to a 2, while HS went down from a 10 to an 8. Didn’t make much difference when I reevaluated my touring plan. It’s the plan that’s important!


I was kind of surprised that there weren’t more dramatic changes for my Dec trip, but I also know it’s going to be a difficult time frame to predict since I don’t think Disney has experienced a new ride opening within months of a new land it’s in opening before. (edited to add: wow, that’s a really awkward sentence.)

I’m much more interested in the hours changing…hoping for some added morning hours for most parks during the opening weeks of RotR.

I was just going to ask about this.

Same here. For the most part the daily changes were for parks I wasn’t going to. The two dates it was for parks I was going to - they both went down.

I had every day of my trip go down overall…out of the 8 days, 6 days my planned parks went down 1-2 CL’s, one day my park didn’t change and my last day my park went from a 1 to a 2…I re-evaluated my TP’s, but there was no change other than wait for Star Tours going from 16 mins to 14 mins. So I’m just hoping that the feel of the crowds will be lower. Oh, going 8/13-8/21.

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Same thing happened to me. Weird.

It happens every time there’s an update

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I just saw that I received a fifth email this morning with same update info. Strange.

It looks like the beginning of August (as in 2 weeks from today), MK changed from a 9 pm closing time to 10 pm as of this morning,(I am pretty sure it showed 9pm even as of yesterday). AK did the same last week. What are the chances of Epcot or HS doing the same for the first week of August? I don’t know that it actually makes a difference in what I do with my TP’s though.

After the snafu with the DL crowds, how can we trust crowd forecasters!? The latest TP CL was calculated before the Dec opening of RotR was announced.