Crowd calendar update?

I was just wondering when the next crowd calendar update will be. I sort of remember seeing something about it a couple weeks ago suggesting it may be updated this last week to account for the increased crowds. Does anyone have an idea?

I am also interested in this. I picked a week in March when I thought crowds would be reasonable (3’s and 4’s at AK), but I am getting a vibe that the parks are going to be packed, especially AK.

Len posted on this thread (bottom) Touring Plan wait times were radically different than reality

Yeah I see that. Thanks! Hope he updates soon so I can tweak my plans before the end of the month.

Animal Kingdom updates went out on Sunday. DHS and MK updates are going out this week, along with UOR.

DHS may be delayed because of the TSMM news (it’ll be down to one track in the spring, and not giving out FASTPASSes). I’ll know more on that in a couple of days.


Thanks for the update Len! Appreciate the hard work you guys are doing.

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Have the DHS or MK updates gone out yet?

On Feb 4 I received the change to AK but not sure if my DHS/MK are unaffected or if the update simply hasn’t happened yet. :slight_smile: