Crowd Calendar update - Postponed

I’ve seen a few people inquiring about updates on the Crowd Calendar for fall trips. The next update will be Oct. 1, 2019

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Dang! Husband and I leave Oct 2 for a few days! I had hoped to nail down a plan and see what the traffic pattern(s) looked like!! We will just wing it!!

The post did end by saying that they expected current predictions for October and November to stay the same as they are…so you can probably just use what the crowd calendars current predict to be “close enough”.

Unlike their post, however, I don’t believe Dorian is the main reason for the low crowds. I think it is because this is first week of September (which is ALWAYS low crowds) combined with major missteps by Disney on how they handled SWGE. I just think interest in SWGE has waned signficantly from when they first announced it due to their own mistakes.


Thank you! Yes I did take heart with the “close enough” prediction! We are just going to go with the flow! and if the flow is crazy busy so be it! we have zero interest in SWGE and hope to ride SDD a few times during EEMH and then get out of DHS.

If anyone has questions about the upcoming Crowd Calendar, you can go to YouTube Live tomorrow - 9/11/19 @ 11am EST.

Touring Plans statistician Steve Bloom will be hosting a discussion about the upcoming calendar and MNSSHP.

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That really does not help the ones that will be there in September: frowning_face:

Have been checking out the comments on that blog post. Steve mentions EEMH at some of the parks that as far as I can tell only have EMH. Was that a typo? Just as important, he also mentions lands that are or may be the only ones open during EMH or EEMH. Is there a list here we can reference?

AK - I saw recently that KS isn’t open until 9 - but is all of Africa closed until that time? I have a 5yo and was planning to walk Gorilla Falls while DW and the big kids RD FOP.

HS we were planning to RD SDD during EEMH and then hitting TSM and AS2 before SWGE. I know we don’t know yet what will be open in HS - is the best strategy to make multiple plans just in case?

We are planning to use EMH every day of our trip starting 10/5, so I’d like to check my plans against probable openings…

PS - has anyone seen changes to the wait times on MFSR that were mentioned? Mine didn’t change at all on 10/5 and 10/8, but that’s not necessarily incorrect. (112 minutes at 11:15, 90 minutes at 9:00 and 2:00)

If you scroll dow they mention that they over estimated September and to expect crowds to be lower than what the calendar currently shows.

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EEMH was a term used by Disney for having morning EMH every day, not just a few select days, this fall. True, they are only one hour long at AK and MK while they are three hours at HS. EP has only normal EMH on select days.

AK - I can’t speak to “all of Africa” being closed during morning EMH, but looking at Disney’s site for attraction hours today, Gorilla Falls is not open until 9:00 a.m. despite an 8:00 regular hours park opening. They list EMH hours for those things that have it, and Gorilla Falls isn’t one of them.

HS - “don’t know yet what will be open” - for your October trip, you can check the hours on Disney’s site. All the rides are open during morning EMH, but not the shows and exhibits.

Oh my the great news!! Thank you for replying!!

I agree - it was not a good roll-out. It seems like the DLR opening was the “big deal” and the WDW opening was “oh, yeah, that one too”. Opening was advanced by 3 months, so it messed up plans of people who delayed their trips to go after it was open, and caused some people to cancel their Fall trips because of the assumed crowds. It opened with only it’s “2nd” ride operational (imagine if Pandora had opened with only the Na’vi River ride running). The originally promised TS restaurant with a “Cantina show” was cancelled (or at least indefinitely postponed). And other than the one ride, what’s there really to do? Spend hundreds of dollars to build a light sabre or droid? Eat at the one QS food stop and/or slam down a few drinks at Oga’s and leave so the next people can get in? And these last three are assuming you can even get in in the first place. I’m looking forward to seeing it when I manage to get back to WDW (2020?), but it’s not an OMG if I don’t do it my trip will be ruined kind of thing.

Geez, TP shows Gorilla Falls is open during EMH on their website and in the touring plans. Guess I better start looking more closely at times.

My trip is late October and I keep finding a lot of “schedule unavailable” on Disney’s site. I can’t determine if that means they haven’t put out the schedule or it’s just not going to be open/there during my trip.

Wow - I totally thought EEMH applied to HS opening earlier than normal, not to other parks opening early more frequently than normal. Thanks for clarifying!

Where on Disney’s site are you getting the info about lands/rides being open? I cannot find. Thanks!

I definitely don’t want to be accused of looking a gift horse in the mouth, but I just re-evaluated all my plans (10/5-10/10) and all the times went down significantly. Did TP reduce CL predictions for October in spite of what was said in the blog post?

Don’t get me wrong - I’m happy to reduce my wait times by 2 hours/day!!

I looked at Disney’s WDW site, hovering the cursor over “Things to Do”, then using the pulldown menu I clicked under “Activities” on “Attractions.” The WDW site is . That will show only things considered as attractions. You can do the same for “Entertainment” and “Character Experiences” for instance. You also pick the date to look at. You can filter the listing to change from “All Parks and Resorts” to whichever ones you select, such as Hollywood Studios.

Hours for specific entertainment and character experiences get loaded much later than those for attractions. Until then, they show as “Schedule Unavailable.” You can use current hours for them as a guideline, then check again closer to your dates.

Awesome, thank you!!!

Looks like Gorilla Falls’ opening is TBD, but other parts of Africa s/b open by 8am on my day. No major changes to my plans required, as of right now.

On the Youtube Chat with Brian and Steve today, Steve mentioned that while they didn’t adjust the calendars, they did adjust some ride wait times so rerun your September touring plans. I just finished rerunning all of mine and they all dropped.