Crowd calendar update - May 3?

Is this still happening today?

Just logged in to check the same thing.

I’ve been checking all day! One of our days had a predicted 4:30 close at MK, so all the other parks had very high levels that day. Now that we know it’s going to be a 9 pm close, I’m expecting big changes. I’m really hoping the update comes before my ADR day on Monday.

I’ve been refreshing the blog all day in vain! I wonder what happened.

I got an update for hours from TP yesterday (May 2), but it was only for AK. No crowd level changes yet.

I think we know now why they didn’t send it. This morning WDW announced massive hour changes from the day Galaxy’s Edge opens through Nov. 2nd. They must have to re-do everything. Fingers crossed that TP knew about it in time to be almost done updating their predictions, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a while for this update to come out. I feel bad for people who are there now and wanted the updated predictions for trips this week!


A little communication on that would have been nice.

We are a week away from our trip so I was definitely anticipating this calendar update! I agree though, I’m sure the major hours update for the end of August and beyond is the reason for the delay. Hope they can post it soon!

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It’s here!

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Looking good for June. :raised_hands:t2:

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How long does it take before these updates get pushed out to the crowd calendar?

Should be there now. I’m seeing updated numbers for my dates in June.

It’s there now, I have a snip from previous predictions on my computer at home, definitely a drop.

June as well and mine were updated last night. My CLs completely flip flopped.

I don’t think my dates (Nov 2-5) have updated yet. On Monday, Nov 4th it’s still showing MK as a 1 and Epcot as a 10. That made sense back when MK had a predicted 4:30 closure, but it makes no sense when they’re both closing at 9.

My dates have gone done quite a bit for my trip in July. On one day hey are showing Epcot at a level 1, and it’s one of the days we are going to be here mid July!

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We are going November 2-9, and I think our crowd levels have been updated. On Monday the 4th it went from a 5 to a 1​:flushed::raised_hands:t2:

I’m not positive, but didn’t it go to 1 in the April update, back when they still thought it was a 4:30 closure? I know that’s when Epcot went from a 9 to a 10. If not, then I think it has to be an error.

I take it back–I just got the email saying it’s a change. I’m going to contact TP. That number just doesn’t make any sense.

ETA: I just sent the request. I think their algorithms relied too heavily on the numbers from last year, when MK closed at 4:30 that Monday. Interested to see if they fix it and what it ends up being

“We think that this July at Disney World may be the least crowded July that we’ve seen this decade.”