Crowd calendar - resort level

How is the ‘resort crowd level’ calculated in the crowd calendar?
The week I go at the end of October, it’s mostly 1’s, 2’s & 3’s. Yet, if I go to DW site and try to book a room for my dates, almost everything is sold-out. Leading me to believe everything will be packed.
What does a resort-level 2 feel like, compared to a 9 or 10 ?
Can anyone shed any light on this ?

I have been asking myself that exact same question. Apparently there are lots of constructions presently and thus even though it’s all sold out, a lot of rooms are not gonna be occupied. I don’t think it’s the whole answer though.

Disney doesn’t want any rooms to go empty. They will have deals to get those last few rooms filled in October. In comparison, for June there are probably few deals and the rooms book out months in advance.

In the end, all the rooms are filled by the day of travel, the difference is only in how far ahead people have to do it, and what price they have to pay. Disney knows exactly how to adjust prices to be sure every room is filled every day.

It’s the off-site hotels which are going to be lower in occupancy. Those resorts likely will have empty rooms. So the parks will be less packed with folks coming from off-site. Which is probably the majority of travelers, if I had to guess.

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