Crowd Calendar Question re: Nov 26-Dec 2

So the crowd calendar says that this is going to be a very slow, low crowd week. However, when booking a hotel on site most of them were completely booked for that week!! So my question is, with so many rooms booked, is it really going to be low crowds???

I think that weekend is POP Warner. Which means hundreds of cheerleader groups booked, but they’ll all be busy with the competitions.

It could be that the check in or out day is overlapping with something. I have had that happen several times, especially if I was doing a 7 or 8 nights not 6.

Thanks. I’m trusting the calendar and planning my days around the lowest for each park. Sat MK is a 7 but Sun My is a 2…hoping they are right LOL. It’s the same for the other parks too, for ex: Epcot is a 9 on Sun but a 3 Tue-Thur.