Crowd calendar question (I’m ashamed I’m asking)

We’re going July 17-23, the crowds are really high early in the week…is there anything going on that I’ve missed? We were planning on magic kingdom either Tuesday (CL 8) or Wednesday (CL 8) but Thursday is a 6. Worth the switch or do we think it’s still too unpredictable? Doing Epcot and AK on Monday/Friday.

Thanks for humoring me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::wink:

The Food & Wine Festival at EP starts on Thursday, July 14. That’s a super popular festival, and the opening weekend would have brought a lot of people, especially locals and bloggers, to WDW - mainly EP. Maybe that has a delayed effect of boosting MK CL on midweek?

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I doubt CL6 vs 8 has much significance on those dates

wed 20th is extended evening hours (12pm) at MK, if that makes any difference for you

Yes. Touring Plans has been using the actual CL’s from 2019 for the 2022 predictions as their starting point for some time now. They are nearly identical. (See comparison) TP basically needs more years of new data post-covid to make predictions. Can’t say I blame TP, because so much has changed it’s hard to know what to expect. And I agree, there is not a big difference in wait times with a 6 vs 8 CL. Just keep your plans and don’t even worry about it.





Interesting! I knew the data was off/missing, but I didn’t realize they were just copy and pasting. Hmmm so it really is just a crapshoot for now. Thanks for sharing!

I’ve considered the evening hours, but I don’t think they matter like they used to, in fact I read somewhere that it seems like people aren’t taking advantage of the evening ones at all, so maybe that’ll play in our favor! Thanks!!

Also (ashamed that I seem to forget this sometimes) the CL has to do with rides, so at F&W it will feel like an 11 regardless with everyone walking around.

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