Crowd Calendar question..Epcot opening starting last day of Jan and thereafter

Why is opening time listed at 11AM and not 9AM? Sorry if I missed something, I just don’t recall all of the 11AM openings (I guess it is all subject to change, but it sure would affect my plans)

It will update when we get closer to that time. This year’s crowd level is based on last year’s data (which was still weird data). It is unlikely to remain 11am and more likely to update to current opening time at the very minimum

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Thanks, I scheduled a trip and park reservations last week when EP opening said 9AM on the calendar, and this week it says 11AM all 4 days we are down there.

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It’s weird that it updated in that direction.

I would still lean on expecting it to update to current times. There’s nothing special about end of January/early February that would make that shift to later open AFAIK


The official calendar has the park opening at 9 in February, at least as of this morning.