Crowd calendar predictions vs park reservations

Going to Disneyland resort nov 10-14 and noticed very low crowd predictions 1-3 for the first two days the 10&11 (Wednesday and Thursday) Strangely through those are the only two days that the park reservations are totally booked. Wouldn’t this be an indication of how busy thrings will be?

And what would be expectations on the 11. Here in Canada it is a stat holiday, but not sure if people in California are off school/ work and make a long weekend of it?

Hi and welcome. Ignore those crowd levels, Nov 11th is a holiday here in the States and it will be plenty busy (hence the reservations being gone). Yes, Californians (and other west coasters) will make a long weekend because of the holiday. You will still have a great time, but expect crowds. The crowd calendars for DL have never been particularly accurate, unfortunately.


It’s also the first weekend of Christmas decor being officially up and all the entertainment/food offerings for the season begin, so there will be a large presence of blog/vloggers that are there to see and record and report on it first. So yes, plan for busy and if it’s not it will be an extra fun surprise (but it will be busy, so definitely plan for it!).

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