Crowd calendar predictions for Veterans Day

@len, I am tagging you in the hope that you can have the stats guys look at Veterans Day on the Disneyland calendar and possibly make some adjustments. Currently 11/11 is rated a 2. Last year it was an 8 (well, Vets Day was Tuesday 11/10 so that day was an 8). DL seems to be expecting huge crowds, as the hours are typical of a holiday (7am EMH, open until midnight). They are also showing Fantasmic twice that night, and it normally does not show during the week. . I would love for that day to be a 2, but I am planning for a 8-9 :wink:. Thank you!

Thanks! We’re re-running everything and should have it done before the end of this month.

We were not sure to visit the parks or make this a tour/beach day. Decided to visit the parks since we got reservations at Blue Bayou for fantasmic vouchers. Will visit in the morning, rest for a couple hours before dinner. Then return for dinner and the evening. We are hoping this is a good plan.

Your plan is exactly like ours. We will be there early (7am EMH) and stay until noon or so, then take a swim/rest break until 5 and have Blue Bayou Fantasmic at 5:50.

Thank you!

Any idea when the new predictions will be up?

Veteran’s Day is next week and it still says 2, Have you had a chance to run this yet? Thanks!

Yes, please look at Vets Day.

We’re looking at them over the next two days. Thanks for your patience!


Thanks! We are leaving Sunday and would love to have an update before then.

Do we have any updates here? Leaving Weds. for Avengers weekend. I’ve visited during Expo weekend before, so I’m not afraid of crowds, but I’d like to have some sort of expectation since I keep hearing it’s unlikely that crowds will be low. Thanks!