Crowd Calendar keeps changing!

I have a trip booked in two weeks. I booked FP’s (but since I had to book at 30 days out instead of 60, they are not great)…but now the crowd calendar has changed! We will be there for 7 days, but chose a four day pass and can be flexible. My question is, should I change my schedule slightly based on the lower crowd calendar (went from a 10 to an 8) or is that not a big enough crowd calendar difference to change plans? We just left some wiggle room for pool time and relaxation…

In my opinion, a moving from a 10 to and 8 is probably not enough to make me contemplate any serious changes…

CLs are best projections based on statistics and what’s going on. Here were my CLs 200 days before, 14 days before, and actual:


I agree that CL8 - CL10 will feel crowded in the park and in line.

You are better off working to try to change your FPP times, RDing, and trying for SDD.

Here’s an example of one of our days. We didn’t have PH but we decided to RD AK based on others advice here. We had FPPs for EE, KRR, and Navi (7:30 pm. Were hoping to modify it for FOP at a SDD but there weren’t any that day). Between 7:30 am and noon, we had done FOP, Navi, EE (3x), Dinosaur, and PW, meet with Donald, and Chip and Dale, watched It’s Tough to be a Bug, and taken some PhotoPass pictures. We had lunch and rode KRR. Unfortunately, there were no SDD for FOP that day. :disappointed_relieved: We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping, exploring, watching the entertainment, and snacking. We had dinner a little after 5 at Satulli. It was a ghost town! Then, we did SB for FOP, about 50 minutes. We wandered Pandora, took more PhotoPass pictures, watched Tree of Life Awakening, and the park closed. We had a great day.

Have good TPs or good outlines based on TPs. You’ll be at WDW and will have an amazing time!

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As long as you have Touring Plans, you are far better off than 90% of the other guests. Just keep updating them based on the latest data, but don’t switch parks at this point.