Crowd Calendar Jan 1 '22 - Big Shift

When we looked at the the first week in Jan 2-7 '22 the average was 4-5 which made sense because it is the first full week after the holiday and we expected a majority of K-12 schools to be back in session and most people returning to work. So we booked our trip and our family made the necessary park ticket and flight arraignments. Recently the CC shifted drastically to all 10’s across the entire week. I can understand previous years being 10s when the 1st fell in the middle of the week and end of the vacation season would conclude on the weekend. But since '22 the holiday week ends on the 2nd, does it make sense the first full week after the holiday that it would carry crowds of 10s the entire week? Having a hard time coming to that conclusion.

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People are getting back to traveling in a big way. This year will not likely follow typical patterns at all. I expect heavy crowds through 22


Typically, the holiday crowds only ease on the 6th or 7th of January every year no matter what day the 1st fell on. (See historical crowd calendar data)

Having said that, all 10’s seems a little dramatic and could look more like this:

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Thanks for the insight. Much appreciated.

Thanks for the reply. I always value another perspective.

Thanks much. Very appreciated

We will be in WDW Jan 3 - 7. Our school changed the winter break calendar a bit and instead of going back on Monday the 3rd, they start back up Monday the 10th. We figured the week of the 3rd would be a good time to go because of the weather and it has to be less crowded when compared to Christmas. I am also wondering about some of those crowd level 10 days but I would much rather deal with crowds during pleasant January temps vs. summer temps. I’m curious to see if the crowd levels will be adjusted at all as it gets closer or if it will stay at 10.

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Our school (in Canada) also changed Christmas break so we don’t go back until Jan 10. Wonder if this is going to happen in a lot of places?

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also happening UK in jan 22 usually we are back around 5th Dec but the way its fallen its 10th! I imagine that combined with 50th anniversary and 21 pandemic means that ANY school holiday periods will be at least 9’s.

We had a trip booked the same week. Moved it to later in January. Not dealing with CL10s.

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This is interesting. I’m in Canada too. The calendar they just approved for our school has kids off Dec. 17 to Jan. 3.

That week is leading into marathon weekend at WDW. I suspect touring plans is expecting large crowds since the event did not happen this year.