Crowd calendar is not matching my experience

Ahhhh, yes I saw this hack show up in the DLR TP Chat (just yesterday or day before) and according to the post there, it looks like it has now been finagled to work for Disneyland.

I wonder if they do still plan to keep BG for RotR in DL since it’s been in operation less time in between opening later & being closed much longer so is still seeing moderate/high demand. I know in our September trip we had zero luck on any BG for RotR but were still able to get Webslingers BG’s doing the same steps and in our June trip we got BG’s everyday (a couple of days were able to get them for both).

Maybe, but what will they use for ILLs?

Oh they’ll use it for ILLS. They’ve already announced that bit. In the scenario I’m envisioning, they limit the number of BG’s available via BGs and then if you don’t secure one, you can opt to pay for ILLS to ensure you get that ride. And the BG’s will continue to be called back to the ‘standby’ line as they do today and ILLS folks will get the FP/LL that is right now only being used for DAS and RS.


It does work for Remy and will continue to work for any virtual queues that are added, but yes only at WDW. (Or maybe at DL too having just read @lolabear_la ’s post).