Crowd Calendar Inconsistencies


This is a question for @fred, @SteveBloom, or @len:

In the last Crowd Calendar update, my days for President’s Day week shot up a bit. What is confusing to me is that the predicted wait times for individual attractions do not appear to be as high as I would expect them to be for the given crowd calendar.

For example: On Saturday, Feb 16, DHS is now listed as a 10. So looking at the Crowd Level definition, I should expect the following average peak wait times:

  • RnRC to be between 140-180 minutes
  • Star Tours to be between 70-120 minutes
  • ToT to be between 90-135 minutes
  • TSM to be between 105-145 minutes

Yet looking at the attraction predictions for each of those days:

Even SDD peaks at 80 minutes

None of this seems like CL10 to me. What I’m concerned about is that if these wait times are what are used to calculate the touring plans, then my touring plan will be significantly underestimating my wait times, given that these times all seem way off from a CL10 day. So either the wait times aren’t reflecting the actual predicted crowd level, or the predicted crowd level is wrong… Or, is there something I’m missing?

This holds true for the rest of the days during President’s day week… I saw similar patterns at MK on the 18th, Epcot on the 17th… Haven’t checked days beyond that yet. Any insight you could give would be most appreciated!

I remember something that might help. A CL10 in February will not be the same as a CL10 in December. So the times should be just about right even though they seem low.

Although you tagged them, the TP guys do not necessarily actively monitor the Fourms. You best bet with questions like this is to e-mail - they usually reply quite quickly.