Crowd Calendar- Galaxy's Edge WDW-Opening Weekend

Could someone refresh my memory for crowd calendar including or not including new attraction crowds?

New attractions aren’t included because there’s no data to work off. I think I remember reading that it takes about a year for the TP staff to start incorporating new rides into the estimates. That said, I also read that they bumped up all the crowd estimates by a certain percentage to try and account for how the GE crowds will affect the existing rides and shows.


Heh 9/7 is reading at a 10 with the other parks being 4 and below. :rofl:

Yea. Don’t think that usual september numbers are going to be a 4 this year.


Everything is going to depend on how they open SWGE. If it’s by reservation the way DL has done it, the crowds may not be that much more than usual, maybe a little higher. If it’s first come first serve, they will probably be around a 12 or 13…At least at DHS…

yes. With hundreds or more not able to get in if it hits capacity. With no plan and no time limits, a recipe for a lot of unhappy people. :disappointed_relieved: