Crowd calendar/ early entry

We are traveling WDW in January and I am doing my touring plans. I have found one touring plan that tells me MK has Early Entry hours but neither the Crowd calendar or Disney’s actual website show Early Entry that day. Any ideas? The Date is Tues January 10, 2017. Thanks for the help!

I’d go with what Disney’s website says. Take that as gospel.

yeah - Disney website has Early magic hours for HS on January 10

OH! So @bethro23- there are early magic hours? That must be what TP is reporting.

Okay, I’ll plan it then since we are not staying on property and want to avoid EMH. Thank you all!

So, I looked a little deeper. Apparently this is a special ticketed early morning entry? You can buy and early admission. Anybody know how this affects park attendance?

Yes, that is the early magic hour. There are limited tickets and it should not impact the crowd.

This is what is happening that morning: It’s called “Early Morning Magic” which is different than Extra Magic Hours. It runs 7:45-10am (although park opens toe everyone at 9am). It does say the number of tickets is limited, but it doesn’t say how many. I do not think it will affect crowd levels much. Not many people are willing to pay that much money ON TOP of park admission.

As a side note: For me, $266 for my family to have 1 hour and 15 minutes in the park with only three rides open is not worth it! Yeah, you get breakfast too, but so what. Still not worth that much money! I rather spend that money on Park Hopper privileges for my entire stay.

I think the amount of available tickets is 200.
Everyone’s opinion is different. I’ve only read one negative review of EMM out of let’s say 30. All other reviews I’ve read have a common theme: Best money ever spent at Disney.

I did it at Hollywood a few weeks ago. Best money I spent on our trip. I didn’t take the whole family tho. It also includes character meet and greets, and photo ops inside the park with nobody remotely near you. I would do it again at Hollywood or MK if it’s offered when we go back. It was an absolute blast, and worth every penny for us. If the attractions, photo ops, and character meets are worth it to anyone, I’d suggest investigating further.