Crowd calendar decreases for all of June!

Seems like great news on the surface, but has got me thinking the crowd calendar gurus have information that Toy Story Land is not opening on Memorial Day as anticipated. Am I right?

Going to answer my own question: yes, I’m right. At least I think I am. The option for Toy Story Midway Mania TOY STORY LAND ENTRANCE has been removed from the custom touring plans.

I think you are right. I was excited too that the CL decreased over our June trip, but then I realized what that probably means.

In the Liners Facebook group, people are reporting August and September predictions are lower, too. Hoping Len and company give us an explanation.

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i had email overnight aswell saying that the crowd levels for my end july/ august trip were reduced across the board. Maybe it is just in comparison to the really high levels that were seen over xmas time so they have adjusted the levels as cant put an 11 in when they are above the level seen at 10, ie parks closing??

They announced a few days ago that it would open later in summer.

Can’t imagine going first week in June and finding out Tsmm closed and no new land opened…gutted…:frowning:

I have seen speculation about this, but have you seen an official Disney announcement?

Sorry kind of duplicated your question but hoped the more we badger the question may be answered?

It seems across the board because my week after thanksgiving went down as well

If everybody’s weeks went down, all year, then it sounds like an adjustment to the crowd levels themselves. Meaning that if the data going into the modeling reflects more 8,9 and 10 days, then the algorithm probably readjusts the crowd levels (since it can’t have an 11) and therefore “old 8” may be the “new 7” which means nothing for the crowd levels themselves, but just the way the plan predicts the crowds.

Obviously if disney attendance has been getting higher and higher… an adjustment would need to be made, otherwise the crowd predictor would be useless.

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We have 2 trips planned for August and December (week before Christmas). Our email has all CLs for August decreasing. For December, it’s a little of both, with overall CL decrease but increase in CL for AK. I was wondering if it’s a re-definition of CL more than a real decrease in attendance…?

My week before Easter Spring Break decreased … I’m having a hard time believing that the week before Easter won’t be a CL10? I’d love for someone to explain what is happening? My fear is that the TP is running like it is a CL8,but when we get there it will be a 10? With everything that’s going on I would have expected people to have increases in CL rather than lowering the super busy weeks?

I have optimized all my plans that had a crowd level decrease, and all have them getting through my plans faster. For example, instead of having 1 free hour before the fireworks at MK on a CL6 day, I now have 2 free hours on a CL4 day. It seems to me they are assuming a drop in attendance all through the year.

But I’m hoping for a full explanation in the coming days.