Crowd calendar changes

I’m wondering if anyone can help? We have 14 day passes for May and are trying to plan which parks to visit on which days. The crowd calendars for each park during the days of our trip were different a few weeks ago to how they are appearing now, so the parks we originally selected as being quietest on each day are not necessarily still showing as the quietest. Does anyone know why these change? We’re trying to plan early so we are ready to book our Fast Pass+ 30 days before. Thanks

Yes, there was a change to the algorithm used to develop the crowd calendar. You can find more information here:

I wouldn’t get overly caught up in trying to pick all low crowd park days based on a crowd calendar. They are predictions, but not guarantees. They are just nice info to have to help plan. Have a good touring plan and be flexible. Disney has apparently been very crowded this year and low crowds may not be exactly what you are expecting. I am going to MK in May as well. I avoided some parks on specific days, but tried to go with what would flow best for us.