Crowd Calendar Change in Nov., HS 1-6?

Trying to figure out why HS went from a crowd level 1 to a 6 on November 15. The day before dropped to a 1, but that day doesn’t work for us to go to HS. Does touring plans know something I don’t? Should I switch my HS and MK days ( MK November 16 when HS is a 3)? I know it can change again so should I just stick with original plans? If I switch the MK day I may miss out on morning EMH. My ADR day is coming up and I’m trying to firm up park day plans. So hard to making dining plans 180 days out.

That is when the NJEA holds their conference and all of NJ heads to Florida.

JMO but I’m going at that time and I’m expecting to see the HS crowd levels higher than those numbers are showing.

Sorry everyone, Jersey Week is the week before. The NJEA convention is the 8 & 9th of November this year and election day is the 6th, so by the 13th, everyone is safely back in NJ after Veterans Day.

No one can blame the CL of the 15th on us!!

@NoCapes, kind of what I was thinking. The low CLs on the days surrounding the 15th will probably go up. Think I’m just going to stick with my original plans.