Crowd calendar change has me rethinking my schedule. Help please

Hello all. I appreciate the help. Due to a change in the crowd calendar my HS day went from a 3 to a 7. We have a pretty awesome schedule and I’m trying to decide if I should make a change to avoid the 7. We are traveling with a 4 and 6 year old. We are 70 days out. I will start with the question for those who don’t want to read the whole thing and then post the full details after. Thanks for your advice:

HS @ crowd level 7 and MNSSHP @ crowd level 2 OR HS @ crowd level 2 and MNSSHP @ crowd level 5???

So the full details are that me my wife and our 4 year old and 6 year old are staying at Disney Bay Lake Towers for 7 nights! We plan on 5 park days and 1 resort/rest day with a party night. I planned all our meal reservations and park days based on lowest predicted crowd levels. I decided not to take advantage of EMH and instead we got pre park open dining reservations everyday. We also planned to have a sleep in/nap day in the middle of our trip with MNSSHP the night of our nap day. None of the parks i had picked were above a 4 when i set the schedule but that has since changed. Our first day is at HS and it is now a 7. I’m trying to figure out how to plan around it or if i should just leave it alone. My wife’s least favorite Park is AK and we have never done HS so she really wouldn’t mind doing it for two days. Our current schedule looks like this.

Day 1- 8:00am Check in, Chef Mickey, then pool day and settle in
Day 2- HS(7) 8:00am breakfast in park- Galactic fireworks that night
Day 3- MK(5) 7:45am Early Morning Magic 4:30pm Royal Table
Day 4- Epcot(1) 8:00am Res at Akershus and GG
Day 5- MK(1) 4:30pm Royal Table
Day 6- Sleep In/Pool/Nap 4:00pm MNSSHP @MK(2)
Day 7- AK(4) or HS(1)

The only option I am really seeing is to move our resort day and MNSSHP to day 2 making MNSSHP a (5) instead of a (2). That would move AK to day 6 and it would be a (2) instead of a (7). This means we lose our rest day and our hardest night immediately precedes our hardest morning, but being on the front end of our trip it may be doable. I know that is a lot of info to digest but I really appreciate any and all advice. Thank you so much.

Don’t change it! With a good plan you can do anything. I am going to say it: I don’t believe any crowd calendars for MK during party season. Keep your plan!


So just to clarify- the crowd level refers to normal park hours, not necessarily the party crowds. So your MNSSHP is not a 2. MK during normal park hours that day is a 2.

Not saying you should change anything, just wanted to make sure you knew.


Don’t change it. Our AK day ended up being an 8 and we were just fine with our plan. We even got extra FPs.


Thanks for the response… Just curious, was Toy Story Mania open on the day you went at an 8?

Thanks for the response! Your confidence is an inspiration. Which MNSSHP do you think will have the bigger crowd, Mon 9/3(Labor Day) or Friday 9/7?

I appreciate the response, thanks! Which MNSSHP do you think will have the bigger crowd, Mon 9/3(Labor Day) or Friday 9/7?

No, but TSM is not in AK.

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You are correct Thanks, i need to change that. I meant HS but typed AK. I will try and correct it and see if it effects people’s responses. Sorry to be so scatter brained, all the acronyms are running together :crazy_face:

I still wouldn’t change anything. With a good plan, you will be fine. HS is going to be crowded for quite some time anyway.


According to TP predictions it looks like Friday 9/7


Perfect, thank you for for directing me to that resource. If I’m reading it correctly, it rates that Friday the 7th as the 3rd best date to go and that Monday the the 3rd as the 12th best date.


That is how I read it too. I think you have a good plan worked out. If you go into the park with a plan you’re already 10 steps ahead. Have fun planning!


Is there one of these articles for MVMCP? Thanks! I see at the bottom for 2017. But not 2018.

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They will post an update closer to time I believe.


They did a YouTube video