Crowd Calendar advice for visiting this week after the storm?

My family is visiting from Northern California for what is likely to be the only trip while my kids are young. We will be at the parks from Tue-Thur, Aug 22-24. We plan to do one day in California Adventure and two in Disneyland. We know we plan to do Disneyland on Thursday because it has a show my kids want to see.

My question is this: how will the storm impact crowd levels at Disneyland on Tuesday and Wednesday? The storm will have passed, but will it have deterred crowds on Tuesday? Or will it push regular Monday crowds into Tuesday? We’d like to be sure we are in Disneyland on the less crowded day, but the storm sort of throws off all the crowd calendars. Thank you!

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This is a once in a generation event so I think your guess is as good as anyone’s.

However, my gut tells me that there will be people who planned to visit this week who will have canceled or delayed their travel, so the days immediately after the storm may be marginally less busy. Also, depending on the severity of the damage (which could vary from a non-event to catastrophic, depending on the area), some locals who otherwise might have come could be preoccupied.

So I think Tuesday is fairly likely to be a lower crowd day than usual, but that is by no means guaranteed.

That said, Tuesday - Thursday in late August are typically low crowd regardless, so even if the baseline level continues uninterrupted, I wouldn’t be too concerned with crowds. That doesn’t mean it won’t help to be ready with a plan and an understanding of available tools, including Genie+.

Good luck!


Thank you! It’s been 14 years since we were regulars at Disneyland, and so much has changed since then it feels like a brand new planning experience.