Crowd Calendar- 2014 vs 2013

My family will be in DL/CA Saturday, Dec. 13th thru Tuesday, Dec 16th. I looked back at the crowds for the same weekend last year and they were a "10". The crowd predictor for this year shows a "5-6". Why would it be so much different from last year?

They recently changed DL's crowd calendar to same format as WDW. Expect the worst and hope for the best. Early entry, rope drop, TP. Have a great time!

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Interesting. Didn't realize DLR releases crowd predictions. Where can I find that? Cool.

1 Like - you have to add DLR to your subscription in order to get full access, though.

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Oh. I meant DLR not TP.

Sorry should have been clearer- I was using crowd predictor and historical data through their subscription service.

Was there a change to the California resident passes that may have impacted predicted crowd levels this year vs last?

Was typing pre-coffee. Should have known better. smile I have a vague (incomplete) memory of TP changing to a differebt scale some time ago. Unsure if that change effected previous years or just the current/future days

Due to overcrowding, this past May after the price hike, DLR suspended new sales of upper level of SoCal APs and no longer sell AP blockout day tickets. It's helped somewhat with the crowds.