Crowd Cal Way Off on 3 Parks Yesterday, 7/4

9 predicted for MK and actual was 9. 10 predicted for EP and actual was 6. 9 predicted for DHS and actual was a 2! 6 predicted for DAK and actual was a 2.

Any comments? How could TP have been so far off and are there implications for future dates? Perhaps yesterday was a response to surge pricing? Are level 1/2 days history as perhaps many will flock to ‘value’ days? Hmmm.

Mostly, I just hope this was a fluke in TP’s forecast ability as I/many rely on the data to choose days to go to the parks, chose which parks to visit within touring days, and all this effects the efficacy of touring plans.

Usually the TP’s are helpful. I can- however- remember one day when I was touring and the predicted waits were way off from actual waits. It turned out that the crowd cal prediction was not high enough. I guess maybe not enough users were submitting data for my plans to ‘correct’ the error when I reoptimized? I wonder if the opposite happened to Liners yesterday.

I think maybe it was just a flukey attendance year… 3 years ago HS was DEFINITELY not a 2! I think holidays can be tough to call in general, and this summer everything except MK seems somewhat unpredictable due to all of the changes in available attractions and construction.

I guess I just cannot figure out how anyone could predict those numbers?