Crowd and Hours Tracker Update Nov 2018

Just saw the new update email and things look a lot better for November than they did just a few months ago. I’m happy with this news and I hope it is accurate. I guess people really are holding off now for Galaxy’s edge?

Possibly! I think between Galaxy’s Edge and the 50th, many people may be waiting?

The crowd levels for the last week I have booked in September have steadily dropped. MK went from about a 4 to a 2 and now a 1 on Tues Sept. 25th and Thurs Sept 27th has gone from a 7 to a 5 to a 4. Fingers crossed this is accurate!

I hope that the trend continues. I have trips planned for Oct and Mar and then plan to take a couple year break until SW slows down and the other new stuff opens. Of course I always say this before my trip, but hoping to take a 4 year break after 3 trips this year. So I’d be happy if everyone else is taking the opposite approach–taking a break now and planning trips for post-SW opening.

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sounds like we will be there the same time. and although I am hopeful, as someone else pointed out, the number of CMs in the parks are usually reduced on lower CL days, so there will be lines still, but also heard much easier to get more fastpasses throughout the day

I entered Nov 24 - Dec 1 out of curiosity the other day and the website showed multiple resorts with no availablity.

Our levels (week before Xmas) have steadily dropped from 9’s and 7’s when we booked in April to 6’s and 4’s now.

Boy would I be thrilled if these numbers are anywhere near correct! We are going from 11/14-11/21 and the crowd level doesn’t even reach 5 until the 6th day of our trip!! There are even multiple 1’s in there!

Please, let it be right!

I am ecstatic to see this as I will be there Nov 16-23rd but wonder how accurate because all the resorts are booked so full it appears. Interesting.

Best email I received this week was an significant crowd level drop for our mid October trip, esp magic kingdom. Mid October through thanksgiving have gotten progressively busier in the past 10 years it seems