Cronut -- would it transport well, as in, "to go"?

Hello, Linerverse! I am thinking of buying a cronut (my first ever!) at Epcot in a few weeks, and taking an extra one back to the hotel for DH as a treat. (He's coming along for a resort vacay, but won't be coming into parks.)

The question: do you think the cronut will transport well? Should I put it in a big ziploc in my backpack? Or maybe bring along a tupperware so it doesn't get squished? (Often have those anyway for kids' snacks.)


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It will hold as well as a doughnut, but buy it right before you leave and bring Tupperware.

Yeah its best fresh.. but if you grab it at the end and head back it should be still great when he has it but not the same as when you first get it.

Agree that Tupperware is the way to go. Best whilst still warm, but should still be good later, just not as good.

Thanks, everybody! Considering it may be in my backpack in the hot weather, the cronut may well arrive back to the hotel still warm, though not in a good way, ha ha! smile

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