Critique on super short UOR spring break stint?

I’m looking at trying to talk DH into tacking a Universal stop on to our spring break trip (planning for next year) on the way down to the main thing we are doing in Fort Lauderdale starting on the Sunday before Easter. Does this plan seem to make sense and seem feasible…?

  • Land at MCO Thurs AM; drop checked luggage with Orlando Baggage Storage company and just take carryons with us to RPR; relax and spend the night RPR.

  • On 2nd Friday before Easter do both universal parks with a primary focus on WWHP and then a few IOA rides as time permits; leave carryons in AM with bellhop; when done touring get carryon’s and move to off site hotel 1-2 miles from universal.

  • Have checked luggage delivered to hotel in AM; pick up rental car to drive to Ft Lauderdale.

Kids are 12 and 9 and HP nuts - suggestions for best approach and priories?

Why no park time on a Thursday since you would have express pass?

Wanted to do two days but I am having sticker shock at the cost - hence just one day and only one night at RPR.

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