Critique my RD strategies, please

TL;DR: My two big questions are planning for breakfast and park arrival time. Can you combine buying breakfast and eating (while standing/in stroller) and waiting on RD? Also is 30-45 min pre-RD arrival enough time? We are two adults with two kids, 3 and 6, and will have probably a double stroller (:fire: away, my oldest will prob not use that much).

Day 1: 7 am ADR for Chef Mickey’s, and then will walk to MK for a 9 am park open. Watching the welcome show and then heading to Fantasyland for the non-SDMT attractions (Mad Tea Party, Barnstormer, Dumbo), because it’s our first day and we’re newbies to the FP+ thing, and we figured it would be fun to watch the welcome show and be a bit more leisurely. I’m planning to get to MK by 8:30 am, but could be earlier/later depending on CM. Is that early enough? (June 29)

Day 2: let the kids sleep as late as possible (Fantasmic night b4!), so I’m wondering if we can grab breakfast to eat on Main Street while we wait for RD at MK? We are RD Tomorrowland: Buzz Lightyear, Astro Orbiter and Tomorrowland Speedway (assuming it’s open then). Or I can pack snack bars, milks, bagels, or pick up something at CR. WILL NEED COFFEE. I was planning on arriving at MK around 8:30-8:45, or earlier 8:15-8:30 if we are going to buy brkfst there. (June 30)

We’ll try for FP+ for SDMT and the mountain rides across 3 days. Hopefully we’ll get SDMT one of those days! Otherwise I will revise our RD strategy, probably the second day, to include SDMT RD. The mountains are less important b/c our kids might not or cannot ride those, and we did those rides before kids. If we do them, we’ll work up to those on the 3rd day at MK.

Day 3 is EMH at AK, where we plan to RD Na’vi (assuming FOP FP+/rider swap), then Kilamanjaro, we will plan to be at AK NLT 7-7:15 (leaving CR driving at 6:45ish?). Can we get breakfast there? Or should we pack it/eat at hotel? That’s an early day! (July 1)

Day 4 we are sleeping in, using a couple FP+'s at MK, and swimming at the pool/napping; no RD (Jul 2)

Day 5 is HS, not using EMMH, hoping we can get SDD FP+ and have ridden at least one TSL ride our first evening at HS. We will RD TSL and ride whatever we don’t have a FP+ for and then the others/meet and greets. We have 8:05 ADR for H&V but prob going to CXL. Other thing is we want to sign up for Jedi training. Be at park by 8:15; can we buy brkfst there while waiting? (Jul 3)

Day 6 no WDW plans; July 4 (visiting friends or KSC)

Day 7: PPO ADR 8:05 at Garden Grill, then RD Soarin’, FEA, TT FP+. We will be at the park by 7:45.