Critique my plans!

This is our one-and-only trip (rescheduled from April 2020). We check in Saturday and I’d love feedback on our plans. I’m nervous now that crowds are much bigger than predicted :weary: but what are ya gonna do? I do have touring plans planned for each day. Wanting a mix of adventure and rides with slowing down and enjoying the ambience, etc.

Check in this Sat - 12 nights, 11 days with 7 park days (AK is the single day)

Sunday - Magic Kingdom (TP says 3/10) - braving the cold and rope dropping MK, planning on focusing on indoor rides (so rope dropping Space Mountain), taking a rest break and back for fireworks. Trying to decide if we need Genie+ on this day if we’re doing 2 MK days. My touring plans is doing all the indoor rides and saving outdoor for the next week’s MK day.

Monday - Animal Kingdom (TP says 5/10) - Arriving for 10:30 Tusker House brunch, then planning on standby everything (including FOP near end of day)

Tues - down day

Wed - Hollywood Studios (TP says 3/10) - ILL for Rise, not planning to do Genie+ as we’re mainly focusing on Galaxy’s Edge most of the day, doing droids, Oga’s, etc

Thur - Epcot (TP says 3/10) - More leisurely day checking out the front of the park rides so prob arriving around noon or so. No plans of Genie+

Fri - Epcot again (TP says 4/10) - rope dropping Frozen then Remy’s and hanging around the world for most of the day trying food and checking out the festival of the arts stuff.

Sat to Monday - Resort/Disney Springs Days

Tuesday - Magic Kingdom (closes at 4:30) TP says 5/10 - rope dropping Mine Train then standby everything else. Wasn’t planning on Genie+ because this past Tuesday was also an early close day and it had super low crowds so hoping for the same

Wednesday - Hollywood Studios (TP says 4/10) - I think we’ll do Genie+ this day (but debating on just adding it for my husband and son as they’re the thrill riders). We’d probably rope drop Slinky then my girls and I would watch shows and do less popular attractions while my son and husband do ToT and RR, etc. Stay for the evening show.

Depart Thur.

So to sum up, I’d do Genie+ on the first MK day (but is the super cold weather going to detract crowds?), ILL for Rise and then Genie+ on last HS day.

If you made it this far, kudos! I’d just love another set of eyes on my plans. This is my family’s first trip (and prob only one for a long time) so I know we can’t do everything but still hoping for a mix of fun and adventure mixed with leisure time and just enjoying the parks.


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Are you onsite or off site? Plans look good, hoping you have success.

Thanks! On-site, Fort Wilderness.

Great, if you RD MK for 7DMT it should help. Doing ILL for your first HS day gives you a back up if it goes down early, you can switch day 1 and day 2 strategies. Crowd reports have been larger than predicted, so if you are using a touring plan, refresh every 2 rides. Good luck, safe trip

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3 rides that I have read recently with the most problems on are ROTR, TT and Remy. So ride those first opportunity if they are important to you.

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Yep and any outdoor rides I’d ride in the morning if possible, due to them being down later if it rains, like SDD.

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We might brave it but right now it’s saying 32 degrees, feels like 27 at park open. That doesn’t sound fun on a fast, outdoor ride. :grimacing: but we’re kind of wimps in the cold :joy:

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Bring gloves and a puffy coat. It drops so quick in the late afternoon. At least you have a nice long trip!!!

Frozen to Remmy’s is tough just fyi. It was on my radar Yesterday and we were off frozen at 9:43 and remmy’s was well over an hour but at least you would be fighting as many ILL. We waiting 80ish minutes for it because we were standing by it when it opened in the afternoon and we said might as well and they were letting 6-10 GROUPS of ILL per one group of stand by to catch up. It was brutal! So hindsight probably good idea if you can beat off property to it!

The only thing I would change is RD animal kingdom for FOP. We finished AK so early we used the earlier departure as a rest evening before a super busy HS. But that is totally family dependent. Ours are early risers so it’s easier on us