Critique my plan

I was wondering if you would give me your opinion of my plan. If you see something that will not work let me know. We are two adults going and not really interested in many of the rides I have only listed our favorites. Would appreciate any advise you may have to offer. I do have all this inputted with TP as that is how I got a lot of the timing. THANK YOU!!!

Disney 2017 Vacation TouringPlans.pdf (239.3 KB)

First look at this i was like whoa. This person does similar to me.

The only thing i can see at first glance on my phone is. At Epcot be mindful of what time Ellens Energy closes. Plan earlier until you know if 5 is okay.

Also not to nit pick but it will not be wishes. It will be happliy ever after.

Thank you for the reminder about Happily Ever After! I will make my changes. I will also note your comment about Ellens Energy. I didn’t know it wasn’t an all day ride.

Are you on the deluxe dining plan? There’s no way I could personally eat that many sit down meals, I wish I could, I just physically couldn’t do it without being in pain! I noticed you were trying to eat dinner at the Wave one night and see Rivers of Light - that won’t work logistically I don’t think.

Yes we do have the deluxe dining plan. I know it is a lot of food and I know a lot will go to waste. But we are also using this time for relaxing breaks. The Wave is my back up if they don’t schedule ROL. Fingers crossed they release October dates soon on ROL.

A few comments as I read through you plan

  1. Day 1 - MK. From 4:00PM on, the park starts to get very crowded with arriving party-goers, and by 6:00 MS will likely be a log jam with day guests leaving at the same time party folks are trying to get in. It took us almost 30 min to get from POC to the exit. Also, expect long lines at the mono and launch. Once we cleared the park, it took us over an hour to get to the GF and then to Narcoossee’s. If HM, PP, and Pooh are all SB, I seriously doubt that you will get all of them done in your allotted time; 2 at the most, maybe only 1. We had a 45 min wait at POC at that time on a party night.

  2. Day 2 MK - Like your Day 1, I think getting those 4 things done in 90 min may be a challenge You only have 60 min from your AD to eat and get to Mickey (through a very full MS), and by the time you get there, there will be a line. (Most people plan 60 -75 min for a CP meal alone). If there isn’t much of a line, you’re only giving yourself 15 min to get to Buzz and wait on line there. Then you only have about 15 min to cross the park to the JC, and there will be a line there. And even if there isn’t a line, you’ve left yourself only about 10 min to get to POC and wait on that line (which may well be 20-30 min). Granted, you’ve allowed some extra time to make it to AK by 1:00, so you should be able to do all four things, probably with some extra time, but it’s going to take longer than you think.

  3. Day 2 AK - Hopefully the novelty of Pandora will have worn off a bit by Oct, but especially with EMH there that day, I would expect AK to be very crowded. I’m not sure what your FPP window is for NRJ, but you have a 2:45 ADR at TH, and if you are looking for CM interaction, 45 min is not really enough time for that meal (even without CMs 45 min is certainly a “rushed” TS meal). Remember that even with an FPP, it’s not a “walk-on”; you may still have a 15-20 min wait to ride. You’ve left yourself less than an hour (more like 45 min) to get on FOP. No one knows for sure what the lines will actually be like, but I think if you plan anything less than an hour, you’re setting yourself up to be off schedule. ittbab runs continuously, every 15 min or so, and pre-Pandora you usually didn’t have to wait for more than 1 or 2 shows - but again, no one really knows what Pandora may do to overall crowds. Likewise, no one knows yet what the ROL schedule will look like for Oct, but you need to plan for most of an hour to get to the Wave from AK (unless you’re driving). I don’t know if kids are involved, but you have a very long day planned with no breaks - or even much time to rest in place. A TS at 9:20 may be asking too much.

Gotta run now; I’ll come back to this later tonight…

OK, I’m back…

  1. Day 3 DHS - Again you have a very rushed CM (most people will say At LEAST 60 min); to make it to DHS by 8:30, you’ll probably only have about 45 min to eat. Getting to DHS 30 min after RD is not ideal; with a full RD crowd ahead of you, expect to have 30-40 min waits for each of your TSMM rides. But I suspect that you should get all of your items completed by noon. an hour is realistic to get from DHS to EP.

  2. Day 3 EP - Generally look realistic. I’m not sure where your specific times are coming from, but you might have a hard time making your 2:15 Nemo. But 5 hours should be enough time to get everything done before your LH ADR. I don’t know what you FPP range for FEA is, but keep in mind that WS will be pretty crowded with everyone getting in place for IllumiNations, so going may be a bit slow. ANother long day with no breaks.

  3. Day 4 MK - Again, not sure where your times come from, but I think they look very unrealistic 30 min after RD (PP alone may well be close to an hour) - but you should certainly be able to get these done in your allotted time. But remember, you’ll need to allow at least a half hour to get from the MK to WL (plus walks on either end). Depending on how long you take to eat, you have somewhere between 2-3 hours “unaccounted for”. Maybe you’re staying at WL and are using it for a break…

  4. Day 4 DHS - Looks reasonable. Just curious - you are going to two different parks, neither right at RD, yet you don’t seem to be using any FPPs at either park…

  5. Day 5 AK - Issues here. Without using FPPs, I see no way that you will get everything done in the time you have allotted. However… for Pandora, if You get an FPP for one of the two rides, and then go to the other right at RD, and get an FPP for Dino, then you can probably do it. An FPP for FotLK would guarantee getting in, and may not require you to line up quite as early. A second lunch at TH? Tiffins has been getting outstanding reviews, and if you don’t want to go signature, Y&Y is also a good option. Again, you have a 2 hour “gap” between parks; I don’t know if this is a planned break or not. If it is, it’s very short to be of much benefit; you’ll spend an hour (or more) of it just going back and forth between parks and your resort).

  6. Day 5 EP - Looks “reasonable”; you should be able to fit all of that in in 7 hours. Again, curious - No FPPs for either park. “Classic” wisdom is to use them in your second park, but Pandora kind of changes things. I would definitely use them at AK and see if you could score additional ones in EP (MS should not be too difficult; the 3 Tier ones probably will be).

  7. Day 6 - HS/AK - The whole day looks reasonable, if long. I seriously recommend enjoying a relaxing dinner at CG and not try to go back to MK. Your trip, to this point, is exhausting, and I think you’ll be ready to crash.

  8. Day 7 - EP - Another seriously rushed CM breakfast where you may or may not get to see all of the Princesses… By 9:30, there will probably be a 30-40 min for FEA. Trying to get TT, Seas, and Soarin’ done, in 2 hours, without FPPs may be too ambitious a plan. But you don’t have any indication of where you might use them; I definitely using at least your Tier 1 for one of the rides. I assume that you are taking a break after lunch the Wave to rest for the party.

  9. Day 7 - MNSSHP - I’ve never been to one of these, so I can’t really comment on the plans that you have.


A few general comments…

  1. I think, across the boards, you are not allowing enough time for your (oh so many) TS meals. I never plan for less than 60 min for a regular TS, and closer to 90 on the rare occasion I do a CM. Signatures 2 hours.

  2. You have an extremely ambitious schedule; RD (sometimes pre-RD) to closing (sometimes EMH) 7 days running with no days or partial days off and very few mid-day breaks. I don’t think even I could keep up with that. If you have kids (and given the number of CM meals and no coasters anywhere I’m assuming that you do), I really think you are asking too much of them.

  3. Your park hopping seems a bit gratuitous to me. I always have hoppers, but I pretty much only hop after I’ve spent a full day at each park; I’ll use any remaining days to revisit parks. As I don’t take regular breaks, I don’t like to lose most of an hour transferring from one to the other. I also virtually never leave a park for lunch. But that’s just my preference.

All of the above are merely observations from someone who has been going for many years. Take them for what tey’re worth to you :slight_smile:

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@bswan26 THANK YOU!!! This is exacatly what I needed. I was just putting things in the TP and letting it optimize for me. I will be printing off your information and putting a red pin to my itinerary. I knew I needed help and I am truly grateful that you offered me some. As for the days that have no times I have not plugged the them in yet to optimize. I will be removing a lot of rides now. AK is our priority as we waited a year to go for Pandora. So we will use FP each time we visit there.

Thank you again!!!