Critique my park days please December/January

Family members: me, DH, DD9, DS2
Universal December 26-28
Legoland December 29
Disney World December 30-7

Dec. 30 Magic Kingdom (morning EMH, we will make rope drop even if it is at 7:00am)
Leave by 2:00, Pirates & Pals Cruise for early Wishes (6:30)
Dec. 31 No park day - Disney Springs AM
Jan. 1 Hollywood Studios (morning EMH)
Jan. 2 EITHER Hollywood Studios OR Magic Kingdom (I can’t decide if we need 2 days at HS)
Jan. 3 Magic Kingdom
Jan. 4 Epcot (leave by 5:00 to pick up kids marathon packets from expo)
Jan. 5 Magic Kingdom (arrive around 3:30 after kids marathons)
Jan. 6 Animal Kingdom
Jan. 7 Magic Kingdom (leave parks by 1:00 to head home)

Jan 2 I would consider Epcot day 2. There are so many good tier 1 FPs now that make 1 day touring a challenge. Or split that day Epcot/HS. With a good touring plan I feel the # of days at MK is sufficient. Of course all my opinion!

I also would add another Epcot day. My family loves that park, and one day is never enough to ride TT as often as they want and see the WS. Plus we love the restaurants at Epcot, so it makes for more fun dining plans. I also don’t think you need 2 days at HS. Even with all of the Star Wars stuff I think that’s easily a one day park. Of course, you know your family best!